Quarterly Update: January-March, 2019

Hi everyone,

It is has been a few months since we updated you on our progress in APNTS.

Updates on the progress of our classes

Since we arrived in August from PNG, I have been so busy with my class assignments and did not have time to keep you all updated. Prior to our trip to PNG, I had taken 3 PhD classes and when I returned, I had to work on the assignments until the first week of January. We had no Christmas break.

I spent 3 days living with the people in this poor community as part of an immersion experience for a PhD class in understanding the culture of poverty.

Between the second week of January to March 2, 2019, I took 4 classes. I am now working on some of the assignments hoping to complete some before taking a couple more classes between May and July this year. It is a lot of classes but I am determined to complete them so that I can cut down on the number of classes and hopefully finish early. At the moment I have taken 11 classes. By the end of this academic year, I hope to complete at least 13 classes so I will have around 5 more classes to take in 2020. Considering the tentative class schedules provided by the PhD department, I expect to complete all my classes by mid 2020 and work on my comprehensive exam to submit by the end of 2020. Sometime around mid 2021, we should be returning back to PNG where I will work on my dissertation and Christina will also be working on her thesis. If our dissertation work progresses faster, we hope to return to APNTS for graduation on May 2022.

For the last four years, Christina has been a taking a few classes as an undergraduate student in order to be on a student visa. We thank God that at the end of November 2018, she was able to graduate with a B.Th.

This semester Christina is enrolled as a full-time Masters student with concentration on Holistic Child Development. She is likely to complete all her classes by the end of April 2020 and concentrate in working on her thesis.


At the beginning of this semester, we were financially challenged. We had outstanding accommodation bills since October 2018 added with registration fees for this semester which added up to over 68 000.00 pesos (around US$1,300.00). We are grateful for the wonderful friends and church leaders who were able to respond to our need on time. We were able to pay all the outstanding accommodation bills (from October 2018 to January 2019) including the registration costs. All the money given and deposited into our student account have all been deducted and our account is zero.

For the month of February 2019, we have a new accommodation bill of 9,000 pesos (US$173.00) which we have not yet paid. It will double at the end of March if we are not able to have any financial support.

Passport Renewal and Application

Our passports were renewed for one year – 2020

We also thank the Lord for making it possible for 3 of us to renew our passports for one more year. Our applications for new passports have been sent to Port Moresby by the PNG embassy in Manila. We are advised to wait and check at the embassy after a month. We also thank those who were able to assist us with the money to cover the costs.

The big challenge we face now is the constant need for financial support to cover our monthly accommodation bills. The bill is usually around 9000 pesos (US$173.00) per month. If you would like to assist us, you can either contact us on the email provided on our contact page or send your donations directly to our student account managed by the APNTS finance team.

Thank you for taking time to read this and we appreciate your support through prayer and giving. We can never come this far without your support.



Three Years of Prayer Answered! A trip home to See God at Work.

For the last four years, every summer break when other seminary students traveled home for vacation, we could not because it was too expensive for the three of us (Christina, Cindy and I) to fly home. Whenever Cindy is asked, “Are you gonna go home during your school break?” She would reply, “I don’t know yet, but when Jesus provides the ticket, we will go!”

We began praying for an opportunity to visit home at the beginning of 2015. I got to visit home twice at the end of 2016 and 2017. Thanks to the PNG Nazarene Youth International (NYI) leaders who invited me to attend their conferences.   Unfortunately Christina and Cindy could not go with me due to the high cost of airfares. We didn’t know if it would be possible for the three of us to travel home for a break or not. But we never stopped praying for an opportunity. Finally after three years of prayer, we received the answer.

One morning I opened my email and saw a message from the principal of Melanesian Nazarene Bible College (MNBC) inviting me to teach a class. I liked the idea but wasn’t really excited about it since I already had a lot on my hand at the moment. But as I read down, it said, “We will provide tickets for your family as well so you all can have an opportunity to visit home together.” Wow! What did I just read? I couldn’t believe it.

My next challenge was to find time to prepare notes for teaching while taking back to back full day summer classes. Finally the day came and I completed my classes and we left for PNG.

Newly erected signboard for the Tuman Campus

We stayed in PNG for about six weeks. It was a joy for me to teach “Corinthian Correspondence” for three weeks to our B.Th students. The other three weeks were spent doing many different activities. We had the privilege to speak in a few churches, at the Bible College chapel services, at the Nazarene College of Nursing fellowship and at the Melanesia Nazarene Teacher’s College Lecturers’ Retreat. We got to visit families, old friends and also make new friends.

The day before flying back, we went to Kudjip hospital for final checkups and the doctors found that Christina had gallstones and would need an urgent surgery. So we had to cancel our flights for the next day and have Christina go for laparoscopic surgery. We spent three days in the hospital ward. We came out of the hospital and spent almost a week  resting as we waited for Christina to recover so she could be able to walk well so we can return.

Again we saw the Lord’s hand in this situation. A surgery like this and a few days spent in a private hospital in Manila would have cost us up to K5,000.00 (US$1,450.00). We got the best treatment for free at Kudjip hospital. Thanks to Kudjip hospital doctors and nurses.

There were many things that God opened our eyes to see and know that that he is preparing us for something much greater than ourselves. We were greatly enriched by the love, prayers and support of hundreds of Nazarenes in PNG who expressed the need of the Church for the same vision that we are pursuing.

Commissioning prayer by National Church leaders at the Sending Service

The vision is not our studies in the seminary. Our studies is only a mandatory preparation for us to partner in the mission of equipping Christian leaders. The vision is to have many Papua New Guinean pastors and strong dedicated professional lay people equipped well with sound theological knowledge to serve in leadership in all areas of life.

We are now back in the seminary and trying to get back to the normal routines of seminary students’ life. Those who’ve been seminary students understand how stressful it can be when there are many class assignments and other necessities to do every day. Even after a break, seeing these challenges make us mentally weak. Yet, the faces of our fellow Papua New Guineans that we’ve met continue to flash in our minds as their voices ring in our ears, “You’ve got to overcome it. We need you!”

Now that we are back, we will need your prayers to keep us strong and healthy as we continue on with this journey for the next couple years.

We will try our best to update you on our progress on this blog site each month.

If you would like to communicate with us, please do not hesitate to click on the contact button on the right above to access our contact information so you can communicate with us.




January 2018

A special new year greetings to you. Yes, you!

A new year brings with it new hopes, dreams, ideas and renewed strength to live for God. We thank God for your life, your friendship, your support and your ministry in the mission of God in fulfilling his vision for his kingdom in 2017. We hope that you will be motivated by the opportunity given to live another year and be encouraged by the sustaining grace of God to continue doing the good that you have been doing in the service of the king.

Thank you for choosing to click here and find out about us. We hope to continue our connection with you through our updates on this blog site.

The Beritas